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Across the USA in our 81 VW van

In May 2019, we shipped our 1981 Volkswagen T3 from France to New York.
In April 2019, we headed off West toward the adventure of a lifetime.

When we dreamed about this trip, we knew what laid ahead of us.

We are not hardcore vanlifers : the van was bought for the purpose of this trip. Except for a few week-ends here and there, we never actually lived in it.

But we got ready. We prepared our 1981 50hp Volkswagen T3 for over a year, with interior and engine work. We sweat, got angry, got tired but always with a picture in our head : the long, straight roads of the United States and the unforgettable adventure that was awaiting us.

And what an adventure it was.

We spent nights at -5°C in a van insulated like a linnen sheet. We drove for hours on 70mph interstates going 20mph in 2nd gear, hoping to not get crushed by less-than-caring truck drivers. We hiked alongside grizzlies and wolves. We slept beneath the most amazing night skies and in the morning, we woke up to unreal landscapes, feeling alone in the world.

We loved every mile, every step of it.

From the straight roads of Oklahoma to twisting gravel path of northern New Mexico. From snakes to orcas. From pure bliss to crushing sadness.

This travel will never fade away in our head.

This is the photographic story of my fiancé, myself and our 50hp van embarking on a 10.000 km adventure across the USA, from coast to coast, from NY to SF.

Disclaimer : the van never made it to SF. Engine failure in Bend, Oregon.

Photography by Loïc Kernen – and C.

Long hours drive through Arkansas

Weird weather in the New Mexican desert

… and gravel roads near Rio Grande.

Idaho, “The potato state”

Climbing slowly in Grand Teton with our 1600cc engine

On our way West on Highway 64

Our little van in front of Monument Valley, aka “Forrest Gump Point”

Yellowstone geysers are weird…

We made it to the Pacific ! The beautiful Oregon Coast.

Hanging out at sunset in California

Lights and shadows over Zion National Park

From one road …

… to another …

… passing by historical landmarks …

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